Embedded PC using ELAN SC400

Embedded PC using ZF Microsystems SMX/386

Closed loop control for 400hz inverter family

Operator interface for 400hz inverter family

Hi Speed PCI Print Head Driver

Hi Speed LCD Shutter Driver

Low cost talking circuit for consumer devices

Digital speech recording play-back device

Text to Speech Interface for PC

Audio Fx Box activated by motion

Recordable Talking Greeting Card

Talking Sign

Recordable FM Radio transmitter

10 channel RS232 to 20MA multiplexer

Smart interface from PC to X-10 system

PC based control system for a 100 MHz VCO AOBD drive circuit for a laser scanner

CRT-less video game using patented light additive scoring system

Control circuit for an AC motor speed control

Micro Control System for a 2 axes digitally weighted pneumatic transport

Audience Polling System

Collision avoidance safety system for monorail trains at Busch Gardens Fla.

Energy use monitor and data logger

Interface and video system for a robotic finger tactile sensor

Drum Rotation Indicator

Control and drive circuit for 12 channel magnetic printing press

16 channel micro based, fiberoptic-linked control system for aerial lift equipment

Remote process control system

High volume magnetic stripe encoding system

Load Information System for Utility winch

"Lost Remote" Locator using a low power RF link

Battery Powered Tachometer for gas or diesel engine

High performance pressure/flow gauge


Closed Loop Motor Control using Fuzzy Logic

Power Management/ Clock Calendar for battery powered instrument

Touch Screen Interface

RF Arrow Tracking System for Bow Hunting ATS

Low power FM transmitter

Smart production test gear for control and power boards

Hand held Instrument to measure temperature and humidity

High resolution non-contact optical measuring system

Hand held meter to measure petro chemical concentrations in soil PETROFLAG

Folding portable scale using Hall technology

High resolution, 3 axis, hand-held, data logging, Gauss Meter

Automated micro fiche storage and retrieval system

Axis micro controlled stepper motor drive system

Motorized Wheel-Chair Wheel

3 KW U.P.S. lighting system using power FET's at 10KHZ

80 watt switching supply off a 250-1200 VDC bus

10- 50HP 480VAC drive family using power darlingtons

.5 - 2HP AC drive family using power FET's

Redundant Power Supply for Redundant disk drive system

Power supply/Fire alarm interface for electronic lock system

Isolated analog signal interface

Tone Stones: Plastic stones that light and trigger audio effects when stepped on

Device which allows a deaf speaking person to communicate on standard phones

Motorcycle Tachometer

Data logging Thermometer for Food Industry

Monitor/ Network Interface for VR exercise equipment


IR Communication Link

Ultra-Sonic Toothbrush

Data Acquisition and Network Interface for CV exercise equipment

Developed Network and Protocol for Cardio Fitness Industry CSAFE