P/N 905172/905174

 Qik Start PICmicro

 Education Board Plus CAN  


     Experimental and training board designed specifically to provide a powerful and flexible platform for anyone  learning to program microcontrollers. Excellent tool for University Students. This module is pre-wired and ready to be used immediately. 

Students focus on the content of the lab assignment rather than locating parts or equipment just to get started with their lab.  

This cost effective module comes complete with a PIC16F874 microcontroller (also available with PIC18F442, 905174) pre-programmed with demo software, 4 MHz crystal, keypad, 2 x 16 LCD display, eight LED’s, two Potentiometers, CAN Port, bread boarding area, and regulated power supply. May be powered from optional Power Pak (P/N 905530) or 9V battery.

Included is a RS-232 port for interface to a PC, and an ICD (In Circuit Debugger) interface which allows in-circuit programming and debugging when used with an ICD II Module. 

(P/N 905502)  This functions well as a standalone unit or can be used in conjunction with our other CAN development boards. 

MPLAB® IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is downloadable at no charge from Microchip Technology Inc. www.microchip.com


Differences between Ed board II and Ed board PLUS CAN

Click Here for  Ed Board Plus CAN support files  

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Also Available is our Whole Course Solution


           *  Two potentiometers                     *  RS-232 Serial Port  

*  Eight LEDs                                     *  RESET (MCLR) Button

*  12 key matrix keypad                   *  Zero insertion force microcontroller socket

*  All port pins accessible                *  Polarity protected regulated power supply

*  Temperature sensor                     *  Encoder emulator w/ Inc-Dec buttons

*  2 x 16 LCD display                         *  SPI  E2 memory

*  FLASH microcontroller                 *  CAN Communications Port

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Part No: 905172

Qik Start PICmicro® Education Plus CAN Board (PIC16F874)


Price: $156

Part No: 905174

Qik Start PICmicro® Education Plus CAN Board (PIC18F442)


Price: $156.00

Part No: 905502

In Circuit Debugger II Module


Price: $145.00

Part No: 905530

Power Pak
(Power supply for Education Board for 120 VAC input)


Price: $18.00

PIC and PICmicro are register trademarks of Microchip Technology Inc.; I2C is a trademark of Phillips Corp.; SPI is a trademark of Motorola Corp.