P/N 905501

Qik Start

In-Circuit Debugger (ICD) Module

for PICmicro MCUs for PICmicro MCUs

 The Qik Start In-Circuit Debugger (ICD) Module is a powerful development tool that allows in-circuit programming and run time debugging for the PIC16F87X FLASH MCU family of devices from Microchip Technology Inc. The ICD Module connects to the serial port of your PC with the included cable. The debugging port on the ICD Module plugs into your target board containing a PIC16F87X family member. The ICD Module is controlled from the MPLAB IDE, available free of charge from www.microchip.com . Using the MPLAB IDE and the ICD Module software can be developed and debugged on your target board. Single stepping, breakpoint, watch windows are all supported. When running to a breakpoint, code executes at full speed. All Special Function and User registers can be updated after each step or break. Can be used with your target board or plugs directly into the Qik Start 16 Board (905150) and the Qik Start Education II Board (905173).

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Features of Qik Start ICD Module

Included in Qik Start ICD Kit:

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